BEAUTY: The little things…

Hey guys,

So just following on from my initial post, I mentioned I would share a photo of my nails… I do absolutely love to get my nails done!! Ever since my sister got married last August, I have been treating myself to getting my nails done.

This time I had planned on going for something very plain (which I never do!) but I’m not even sure I believed myself when I said it! I never ever go for plain, I can’t help myself. My wonderful friend who does them has the patience of a saint with me. I never know what I want when I go down to her and yet even when I have an idea, it rarely pans out the way I expect. Two months ago I was hell bent on grey, when I got to her – 2 hours later my nails were baby blue and beige with some white polka dots too.

However, this time I had in my head that I was going for coral but plain…. Well one thing went the way I planned, CORAL!!! Plain, on the other hand, did not work out well at all!:)

So attached here are my latest nails that will no doubt last at least 4 weeks… They are my favourite… Then again, I pretty much say that every time I get them done!!

Thanks for reading!!
-J x


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