Coming soon…

So I’ve been back a work and things have been fairly hard to balance, with pretty much 12 hour days for work and then home in the evenings for a few hours before bed…. It’s non stop! Between my sister’s sporting career and my own life it’s been hard to get balance BUT I have a total of 10 working days left (2 weeks) and I’m finished work before we head to Oz! So, the point of most post is to let ye know that I’m working on some posts. I’ll have one a review of the amazing Europe Hotel in Kerry – it’s coming into summer and for anyone that likes to get away and get total relaxation this is your place!!! I’ll do a pocket friendly post on an alternative break away too. I also want to let ye know how amazing afternoon tea is in Carlingford in the Four Seasons and I also want to give a little post on our move to Oz that’s happening very soon!! For now I am off to take a day out and chill!! Chat soon!

-J x


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