FITNESS: An everlasting journey….

We’re living in an age where being fit and healthy has become so chic alongside the temptations of afternoon teas, prosecco, and fabulous restaurants. So how can we find the perfect balance? 

Will power and determination are key (in my opinion). I’m not going to pretend that I am a health or fitness freak because believe me, I am far from it, but, like a lot of people, I try my best…. Lately I’ve had more time on my hands to incorporate fitness into my daily routine. I’ve gone from being up at 6:30am and not being home until 6pm most days. Unfortunately for me this didn’t leave space for that evening walk when it’s winter and it’s dark going to and coming from work. During this winter I seemed to find myself in a total winter slump where I lost interest in a lot of the things that normally I would love. 
However, Spring sprung and now summer has hit and I am finished work (before we head to Oz) and on a mission to get back into some sort of fitness routine. 
What I wanted to share really was this great app that I came across AGESSSSS ago but finall started using last week, ‘Sworkit’ (Click HERE for the link to the App Store). It’s really great!!! It allows you to select the type of workout you want to do and how long you want to do it for. It’s like being in the gym, without the cost or dozens of others there. I’m not a person who like group exercise or gyms, I like to exercise by myself so for me, this app is exactly what I need! I’ve used it both outside and inside – it’s so versatile and you are in complete control of your workout!!👍🏼 5 stars from me!!!

Aside from an uphill battle of getting where I want to be I fully believe that keeping fit and exercising is so important for my mind. There’s nothing better than feeling the burn in my muscles while running out in the fresh air! Give me the great outdoors over a sweaty gym any day!!💪🏻

Thanks for reading!!
-J x


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