FOOD: Quick brekkie

So I am one for quick breakfasts, I love to cook but realistically who has time in the mornings??

Since I’ve finished up at work I actually do have time which is great, but, I’m bored already so I’m desperately searching for something to keep me busy….BUT, back to the task at hand! Breakfast!! A healthy, quick, tasty option!!😊
So yesterday morning I didn’t know what I wanted, I’m the typical 2 weetabix type of gal, maybe throw in some berries but that also takes time, which normally, I don’t have a lot of. I would take the extra 10-15 mins in bed quicker than get up and have food in the morning. I’m not a morning person, nor have I ever been and frankly, I doubt I ever will be!🙈 
Anyways, here’s my quick, egg and spinach breakfast recipe. Takes about 5 mins and is so so tasty, honestly!!
First I put 2 eggs in a cup and pop them in the microwave for a total of 1 minute but I check them every 20 seconds so they don’t overcook – they’ll taste like cardboard otherwise. On the last 20 seconds add in salt and pepper to taste and when done set aside. Then I take some spinach and pop it into a bowl with a little bit of boiling water and then pop it into the microwave for 1 minute. Take it out, drain it off and add in a little nutmeg… And voilà!!👍🏼 breakfast in served!!! 
-J x


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