HEALTH: What’s the fuss??

So I seem to go through phases of taking vitamins and drinking hot lemon first thing in the morning but I have to say I always feel better when I do! Also, with my impending move to Australia I feel I need to be in the best health I can be!! And for those of us who may have over indulged this weekend it’s a great start to detoxing!!

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a pesco-vegetarian and with that I try to be very conscious of making sure I’m getting all the nutrients that I need. Hence taking my vitamins and trying to have some protein at every meal…
We all hear that hot lemon is great for us but it really is, here are some of the reasons why;
1. Helps to cleanse your system (it’s the citric acid) 
2. Boosts your immune system (all that vitamin C)
3. Helps with your digestion (the juice of the lemon does all the work – it also helps to relieve indigestion!)
4. Promotes healing (whether you’re recovering from stress or injury – it has anti inflammatory properties and maintains good health) 
5. Gives you energy and brings your mood up (the ions in lemons are negative ions, a scientific reaction happens and BOOM better mood and more energy) it’s also good for anyone with anxiety or depression – even the smell of lemon helps to clear your mind!
6. Clears skin (it’s the vitamin C again – does the work from the inside out!! So no need for the sudocreme or spot creams)
7. Hydrates and replaces lost fluids in your body.
8. Helps with weight loss (the pectin fibre helps to fight hunger cravings – plus, when you start your day right you’re more likely to continue it throughout the day!)
So don’t wait until tomorrow to start, flick the kettle and slice some lemon, don’t use boiling water, let it settle and off you go!! Instead of putting the coffee into the mug or the tea bag in first, go for the lemon!!
And if you’re feeling adventurous you could throw in some mint leaves or grate in some ginger. You can even pop in some cayenne pepper for a kick!!🍋 
 Thanks for reading.

-J x


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