LIFESTYLE: Lazy days…

Hey guys, 

So I’ve only started but I want to make sure I don’t bore you all with silly posts, however, this is going to be one of them! Just to make sure ye know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or forgotten about Serenity, Serendipity and Smiles!:) 

Hope you’re all enjoying your bank holiday Monday! For those of you that drew the short straw and have to work (I worked in retail for 7 years, I know the feeling) I hope you’re day is almost done so you can chill! Whether yet nursing hangovers, spending a day at the races in Fairyhouse or just being lazy like me and watching tv.
My plan was to go somewhere nice for a stroll and a lazy day but the weather put pay to that – we had hail stones the size of grapes a little while ago!🌨 Instead we had a lazy morning, we went and got some goodies to make a lovely brunch (we ate it too fast to take photos!) I had a homemade eggs benedict (minus the meat of course) and Enda had a fab looking Irish breakfast muffin!😊🍳☕️ And now we’re relaxing with my Dad watching Home Alone on Film 4! I’m normally against watching this film while it’s not Christmas but I feel I can make an exception because I won’t be here this Christmas to watch it with my Dad so it’s and exception!😊
So that’s all for now lovlies, enjoy the rest of your day!❤️
-J x 


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