For those that know me, you’ll know I love music!! And those that don’t, to be brief, I LOVE music! I always have, I just feel like there’s nothing nicer than listening to music, whether it’s to brighten the day or sing at the top of your lungs til your throat hurts or to pour your eyes out crying!!🙈😂 There’s something about it that just makes me ‘feel’….I couldn’t live without it!!

The Rain are an Irish band and are so bloody talented!! I have been a fan for the last number of years and again, for anyone who knows me, you will have heard me bang on about these guys over the last number of years! 
Lately the boys have been posting videos to Facebook of their ‘Rackit in the Attic’ sessions and I just think they are top class!!! 
I’ll share a link below and highly recommend you check them out!!! They are great to listen to at any time!!😊🎤
Here’s the link for their Facebook page;
The Rain.
And if you wana check out their original song ‘Walls’, here you go;
Walls, original music by The Rain.

They also have a cover of James Bay,’If you ever wana be in love’ and it is absolutely beautiful!!! Personally, I think it’s better than the original!!
Have a listen HERE and thank me later!! 


Thanks for reading!! 

-J x


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