LIFESTYLE: Nothing like a good notebook….

Hey all,

So I don’t know about anyone else but I have an OBSESSION with stationary – ESPECIALLY notebooks!! I literally have to get a notebook almost everywhere I go – it’s not right but I figure there are worst obsessions I could have eh? However, coming to Australia obviously meant that I had to pack as light as possible – it actually broke my heart to not be able to bring a few notebooks…. I limited myself to just one (Man was that THEE biggest mistake). I am forever looking at notebooks and journals and planners etc. I’ve managed to find a store here that is like a little piece of heaven for me, Kikki.K OMG, every time I go by I almost trip myself up looking at everything. 

They have literally every type of notebook, planner, journal, card you could EVER want!! I’ve gotten some gifts in there for others already but have yet to buy a notebook for myself, I figure when I achieve something over here I’ll treat myself! Some people buy shoes or go for a drink… I buy a notebook!!😝 I got an email (cause I’m obviously signed up for the newsletter) today or yesterday maybe, about a new collaboration they are doing with Arianna Huffington. They have a new Thrive Collection where they’ve got a journal and a dream journal in the collection as well as Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive. It looks and sounds really inspiring and empowering – I feel like I may need to treat myself sooner! You can read more about the collaboration HERE.

A couple of cards from Kikki.K that have yet to get to their recipients!💕

Along with Kikki.K, I’m also loving the new The Dotty Lemon site. This is a fairly recent business venture as far as I know, by Aisling Power from Co. Cork. They have soooo many gorgeous journals and notebooks also. I love Kate Spade and they stock some of their fabulous journals. As well as The Happiness Planner which I would also give my right arm to get my hands on!! I’ve recently started following the Dotty Lemon on snapchat (@ashdottylemon) and Instagram (@thedottylemon) and I’m totally intrigued by Aisling. I love that she’s so normal!! I’ve attached some pics from the website with the links – everything is reasonable priced there too. Anyone who knows me will pretty much associate polka dots with me so the gold polka dot Kate Spade notebook and travel cup have my name written all over them!!

Click HERE to check it out on the website.

Click HERE for the site.

Click HERE to preorder.

This colour is out of stock but if you click HERE you can sign up to get notified when it’s back in stock OR you can check out the other colours!! 

Have a look and feel free to let me know what ye think!!
-J x


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