LIFESTYLE: Short and sweet!!πŸ’•

Hey guys, 

So, again, I know I’ve been extremely absent, I promise I am going to bring you some amazing posts very soon! This week is my last week at work and after that I will surely inundate you all with posts!! 
Before I hit my bed tonight (and I plan to hit it hard!) I wanted to share this with ye. 
So we all know when a year ends and we’re on the cusp of a new one we reflect on the year gone by and make goals and plans for the year ahead. Well, for me, last year was a crazy busy year!!! 2015 was an amazing year for so many reasons, our trip to California and my sister got married to name a few… However, when the year ended I sorta felt as though it had gone by without me realising, even though so many things happened and I was busy all the time I felt like I had missed the year! I was feeling quite low and wanted to help myself make a change! So for me one big thing I wanted to do was to make sure I didn’t miss a day of 2016, even the bad ones! So I figured what I would do would be to mark every day with something I was grateful for! So I began my hashtag ‘365 Reasons To Be Grateful’!! 
I know a lot of people to 30 days of happiness and similar Instagram photo challenges but I decided to do one by myself and more importantly, for myself!! So far there have been days where I’ve been spoiled for reasons to be grateful but there are most definitely days where I wonder ‘what the hell am I grateful for today!!!’ They are the days where I use mindfulness or I take the bad with the good! I let myself know that it’s ok to not be ok! There are days where I couldn’t be bothered and I know it’s ok but I like to focus on taking note of why I’m not ok and turning into a positive! The only way to do it is to figure out the cause and go from there! 
Without delving too much into mental health right now, I wanted to share my post from today! Feel free to tip onto Instagram @jennifermaried89 and follow my journey of 2016 #365reasonstobegrateful

Thanks for reading!
-J x 


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