TRAVEL: Ireland Staycation: Castleknock Hotel and Country Club

So as promised I am writing a post about a pocket friendly relaxing getaway.

 Castleknock hotel and country club is the perfect spot for those looking to get away somewhere that gives a feeling of being a million miles away but literally about 5 minutes from civilisation. We have actually stayed her a few times by ourselves as a couple and also as a family with my parents, sisters and brother in law. 

Castleknock is a great place for relaxing, it has a great leisure area that suits both couples and families. For us, we like to be at a place where we can totally relax and we’ve found that Castleknock is a great place for just that, whilst not burning a massive hole in our pockets. 
Castleknock has everything you need right there, there’s no need to go any further but if need be, Blanchardstown Centre is a 5 minute drive away. The food at the hotel is delicious, they have something to suit everyone and again, the option of different menus to suit different budgets. You can spend your day at the leisure centre, having spa treatments, having a few drinks at the bar or even outside on the terrace. The grounds are so peaceful. The golf course creates a tranquil atmosphere if you choose to sit outside. The staff are friendly and helpful also. 
I would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a relaxing break that is budget friendly. Suits both couples and families wanting to feel a world away from every day hustle and bustle in a tranquil countryside!!

Click HERE to check it out for yourself!!

Thanks for reading.

-J x


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