TRAVEL: Ireland Staycation: The Europe Hotel & Resort

So finally I’m getting round to writing about this place!! I don’t even know where to begin…. Again, for anyone who knows me, you will surely have heard me talking about this hotel and absolutely singing its praises from the high heavens. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of this plac. It’s just perfect!!!

Whether you want to go away as a single person and escape the real world or you’re looking for a getaway with your better half – it’s just the perfect spot for relaxing!! The whole setting, the atmosphere, the location, EVERYTHING!!!! It’s all just spot on!! 

The Europe was a hotel I had looked at and fantasised about for about a year before we actually planned our trip and to be honest it happened by chance that we booked it! (Much to my absolute and utter delight!) As a couple, we love to get away together and go on breaks down the country and just be together away from the hustle and bustle of real life!! When we go away it’s always to chill out from life and leave all our troubles behind!😊 
We had initially planned to go to Kerry but to stay at a different hotel – a few days before we were to go, a friend of my Mam’s advised us to cancel the hotel we originally booked because it had apparently, been taken over by new ownership and was not up to the standard it had been previously…. We were disappointed and went in search of a new place to go. For some reason, we seemed to be fixed in going to Kerry and so we searched online to see what we could find! 
………Time went and we couldn’t find a place we loved, until I showed him The Europe….. He instantly fell in love…. Until I showed him the price!! BUT as there’s just us and we love to treat ourselves he was happy to spend the money, we both knew it would be worth it!!! And my God were we right!!! 
When we arrived we were not disappointed!! Even the drive to the hotel from the road was beautiful! When we entered the foyer, OH MY GOD, the views were breath taking! The hotel was flawless!! We were greeted by the most friendly and helpful staff who actually upgraded us from a golfside view to a lakeview room and again, OH MY GOD, when we walked into the room, it was like walking into a photograph initially! The room was absolutely fabulous. The hotel just got better and better. We stepped out onto the balcony (and again OH MY GOD) and it was like stepping out into a foreign country, it was like being in Thailand, the views were simply magnificent, breathtaking! Just out of this world!!! 
We stayed for 2 nights and truth be told, we would have stayed longer had we not got reason to come home!! 

We ate in the hotel restaurant for breakfast and dinner and it was faultless. We strolled around the grounds outside, we watched a deer drink by the waters edge on the second morning. We enjoyed the peace and quiet of the whole place. 
We absolutely made full use of the thermal suite and outdoor pool. I have never in my life experienced something so serene in my life. We have been to other places with outdoor pools but there is no comparison to The Europe, it stands out on its own!!!

I don’t even feel I’m giving it all the praise and adoration it deserves. I cannot fault any aspect of it! It really was truly the best place we have ever stayed. It took over 5 hours to get to it from home but was worth every minute of that journey!!! 
Kerry is one of the most beautiful counties in this Emerald Isle and we did do a little exploring of the ring of Kerry, the Gap of Dunloe and the Torc Waterfall – all of which I would advise everyone go and do and see. BUT one thing is for sure, if you never go anywhere else in the country, save up and treat yourselves to even just one night at The Europe Hotel and Resort – you will not leave disappointed!!!! 

I’ll leave the link below for you to click and check it out!!! Thanks for reading! Let me know if you want to know some more about what we explored in Kerry!☘

Thanks for reading!
-J x

The Europe Hotel and Resort


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