TRAVEL: The start of my journey….

This below is one of the first photos I took when I got here…..WOW!!! 

      Hey guys, so I know it’s been a long time from I’ve written… I have totally neglected this space and I do apologise but hopefully this is me getting back to it! A lot has happened… I’ve been busy…. For one, I have moved to Australia!!!! So needless to say life has really changed, I have soooo much I can share with you about my journey so far. Before I start to delve into that though I just want to go back to the start… Before I put my pen down a few months back I was working on a post about our plans for moving to Australia and unfortunately it never materialised. So I’ll go back to the start of my journey and hopefully ye will enjoy the read!!!☺️
      So I’ll go back to when I was about 8 – we had spent 3 weeks in California (as we did back then) with my family over there and we were leaving for the airport to head for the green fields of home…. I have my vivid memory of staring out the car window and a pulling force in my stomach yearning to stay put in California….I was 8 and I did not want to go back home to Ireland!!! That was pretty much the beginning of my everlasting need and want for travel. It’s hard to describe but the best way I can is to say, you know that feeling when you really really REALLY wish for something and your stomach aches and you can feel it bubbling and you just wish for what you want to happen so so BAD!!!! Well, that’s how I feel about travelling and exploring the world and the cultures out there!! So from that moment on, leaving Pasadena in sunny soCal, I knew what I wanted in life….to TRAVEL!!
       Now, fast forward about 17 years and it still hasn’t happened… Yes I’ve seen California a few more times and I’ve seen some of Europe too but I haven’t yet gotten to the other side of the world… I’ve seen so many go and not come back and so many go and come back. I’ve come so so close to getting to go and then it’s fallen through or I have made other decisions… I’ve planned several trips that never happened too… Needless to say I was absolutely feeling like I had the world on my shoulders waiting to be explored. 
       I’m 25, I’m in a job I just don’t like and I haven’t gotten to travel the way that I want to and I know that I NEED to do something!!  
      So finally I start to make it happen!! I make big decisions – I quit my job! On the 1st of January 2016 we make the decision together to go!!! We’ve got nothing to lose and soooo much life experience to gain!!! I can’t even begin to express the feeling and how happy I was that it was going to happen… But inside I felt that until I had it booked it wasn’t going to feel real! We told our friends and families what our plans were… There was a mix of emotions and reactions to our news… I’m pretty sure my Dad was expecting an engagement quicker than a, ‘I’m leaving for a year!!’  
       The day came where we finally hit that ‘BOOK NOW’ button and that was when I got this overwhelming surge of butterflies/fireworks/bubbles in my stomach… We had told everyone and now we had it booked…we were leaving life as we knew it on the 30th of June for an unknown journey, it was the most exciting/scary feeling but I knew it was for me!!! I knew that whether it was going to be a good or bad experience it would be the best thing we ever did!!!
       Time went by and at times it felt like time was dragging and that that day would not come quick enough….. until it did…. It was Monday and we were leaving Thursday…’HOLY SHIT!!’ Was all I could think and say… those last few days at home were good, I had done most of my visiting the previous week so that I could focus on my family at home and it left my week very relaxed… I still wasn’t 100% packed but I knew it would come together! Life started to feel weird, like an out of body experience! I would get asked, ‘Are you looking forward to it? How are you feeling about it?’ And I would feel like it wasn’t a question for me, I felt like somebody was going but it wasn’t me, it couldn’t possibly be, could it!?
       It WAS!!!!! It was about 3am on Thursday the 30th of June and I was lying in my bed with my two sisters….one either side of me and I realised, ‘F**K!!!!!’ I had about an hour before I had to get up and start getting ready to leave for the airport but I just wanted to take the moment and freeze it…. I fell asleep and all of a sudden before I knew it my alarm was ringing and I felt so many emotions I didn’t know which way was up!! I was then in my room, dress and ready to go, my case downstairs and they called for me one last time up the stairs and it was time to go…..
      One thing I will say about the journey of leaving is that everyone tells you about the pure and utter excitement and the fear but they do NOT tell you about the absolute pain of leaving your friends and family! I mean this was something I have wanted forEVER but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I needed to leave everyone I love and care for and all that I know as life for the complete unknown to a place where the next person walking by me doesn’t actually care about me…. It’s a scary concept and it was THEE HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life to date!!! If I could give anyone advice or info I would say how hard it is to leave the people you love, for me, I am close to 90% of my family and I have few close life long friends that I value with my life and saying goodbye, for me, was one of the most horrendous experiences of my life!! I’ve never felt that torn up inside…. It’s a trance feeling and not a nice one… As the plane picked up speed down the runway I took a deep breath and in that instant we were no longer on Irish soil and I won’t lie, a silent tear (or two) slipped down my cheek, I love Ireland and I am proud to be Irish but even so I knew in that moment that once I got to where we were going that I would be OK… A whole new adventure was just beginning!!!!
      I don’t want to totally overwhelm you all on my first post back but that’s pretty much how I got to where I am… It’s been almost 6 weeks from that day that changed my world and I have yet to look back!! Let me know what ye think, if ye have questions let me know if I can help I will and if anyone is thinking about it and scared, embrace the fear and fly!!!
Thanks for reading!😊
-J x


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