TRAVEL: The struggles they don’t tell you about…

Hey guys,

Ok so one of my very good friends advised me to write about the absolute struggle it has been to find work here in Perth… I debated whether or not to write about it to be honest and thought about it for about a week and here I am now… I’m going to do it. People told me how amazing this experience was going to be, they told me about ALL of the great things to do and see and how it would change me and gave me confidence and excitement for what was ahead of me! However, much like the ‘goodbyes’ nobody mentioned how hard it might be to find a job! I think maybe nobody talks about the difficult side for a number of reasons; it may make people too afraid to go, it might just tarnish the ‘perfect perception’ of the grass being greener. Is Irish are too full of pride and heaven forbid we give the begrudgers something to talk about. ‘Sure we wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of knowing things aren’t as perfect as the picture we posted on Instagram!!’ I’ll be honest though, apart from the struggle of finding a job, I genuinely LOVE Perth! It feels like home! Obviously this doesn’t mean I intend on spending the rest of my life here (especially if I can’t get a job!ha) but I’m really enjoying life here and I’m so relieved because I was terrified I wouldn’t!! So now, I had actually decided that I wasn’t going to post this until I had actually found a job – I was hoping to finish it with a light at the end of the job hunting tunnel (which I am positive will come), but I feel it’s more real if I document as I go, so here it is!!

I’ve been in Australia now for about 6 weeks and I reckon I’ve been properly searching for about 3 solid weeks! Now when I say that, it actually doesn’t sound like a long time but while I live it it actually feels like I’ve been searching forEVER. I think after about 2 weeks I decided I’d start to look but wasn’t fully committed to be honest! I was happy getting used to my new life in Australia, I didn’t really want to start working, I wanted to have some more free time to explore the new city I was living in!! So once I started my search I did it with a carefree and careLESS attitude!! I wasn’t even reading full job descriptions, I was scanning them to see what key words stood out for me and just clicking on ‘APPLY’ and God forbid it brought me to a page where I actually had to put thought into an application, that was an absolute and utter deal breaker, the ‘X’ at the right hand top corner was ALWAYS hit!! I wasn’t about to have to THINK about putting effort into it let alone put ACTUAL effort in…

So I reckon I applied for at least 20 jobs that first day and got calls almost immediately to invite me for interviews… I think I had about 5 interviews in like 3 days at the beginning and I actually turned down interviews too because I wasn’t even bothered! I have to put in a valid point right here and now though, before you all start to think, ‘You absolute lazy brat!!’ I was after spending the last 9 years working in some sort of retail, LITERALLY going from one job that I just hated – it was slowly killing every brain cell I had, to another job that I thought would be the platform I needed to showcase what I can do and let me progress in my career. Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t the case either. Having gotten almost 2 years down the track with that one, it almost pushed me over the edge, my mental health suffered MASSIVELY and to be honest I became a crappy employee and I hated that version of me, I didn’t even recognise that me. I loved the people I worked with – you couldn’t get better – and I was feeling like a failure and feeling like I was letting everyone down!! So I left that job only to land a lovely role 5 minutes away from home. I’d gone from travelling the guts of 2 hours every day to literally about 10mins in total (there and home). I really enjoyed that role but for me I needed to travel. If you’ve read my post about moving you’ll have read about how important it is for me to travel and experience the world so I won’t go too much into detail about it, you can check it out here.

So after all of that, being in jobs I hated, places I didn’t care for, some people that were just not my kind of people, to places that were the opposite. To not having a notion of what I wanted to be at I found myself feeling like I needed to not be myself. In short, I needed to have no plans, no expectations, nothing!! I came to Australia wanting to do different things, things I wouldn’t ever do at home, experiencing life in a different way. I am a bloody hard worker and I aim high no matter what it is – I am my own worst critic!! So with all that said, that brings you up to speed on why I was so not phased by all of these interviews…

Now, on going to the interviews I got invited back to the second round for all of them and decided to choose one that was 5 mins from the apartment – perfect!!

Except, no! It was the furthest thing from perfect – it was NOT what I wanted, I couldn’t do it, morally, financially, mentally… Everything!!! It just wasn’t me!! So one thing I’ve learned about myself is that I clearly need a career to be something that I am passionate about and that I believe in!! As it stands I am still applying, I am going to interviews and I have yet to find a job for me! I will work at anything, anyone who knows me knows that! I am not someone who sits around happily doing nothing!! I will continue my daily trips to the gym and the library and my everlasting trekking through websites until I get that job! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting to land the job of my dreams but fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I have morals so bloody strong that they seem to restrict me from acting in certain ways… Up until now I wasn’t aware that they stemmed out to my career!!

So say a prayer, light a candle (whatever your cup of tea is) that something comes up soon. Otherwise I may just pull my hair out!! 

Thanks for reading!

-J X


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