TRAVEL: What we’ve done…

So, we’ve been in Austalia for just over 2 months now and it’s really hard to believe. In some ways I feel like it’s been a lifetime from I’ve been home and in other ways I feel like time is standing still – if that makes any sense at all. I have to admit I absolutely love Perth. I had so many fears about it before we came. As much as this was what I’ve wanted for a lifetime and a day…. I was still so afraid that maybe it wouldn’t be what I wanted.. Thankfully I think it’s even more than what I’d ever thought. 

So I figured a little update on where we’ve been, some highlights, would be a great addition for anyone who’s interested in our little voyage!! 

  • Hilary’s boat harbour

This was the first place we went to (brought to) in Perth. We just strolled round and had a bite to eat in a place there just on the left of this pic! There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere around here and let’s face it, anywhere with water/beach and I’m happy!!

  • Perth Zoo

This was really good fun. It was $29 each, which we thought was actually really good value. The zoo has so many different areas in it, all the animals are in their natural habitats. There are kangaroos roaming free too. We loved this. 

  • Kings Park at night

This was a surreal experience. The view from Kings Park of the city at night were just incredible. Just look at that skyline!!

  • Cottesloe Beach

This was the first beach we visited and I was in my element. The sand, the waves, the trees, the water…. Swoon!!😍 The beach is my happy place and this did not disappoint. We grabbed a bite to eat across from the beach and had such a nice day.

  • Elizabeth Quay

We’ve been to Elizabeth Quay several times now. It’s a nice area to just stroll round and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

  • Scarborough Beach 

Again, another beach! The waves at this beach were unreal!!! To be fair though, the day we went it absolutely lashed rain on us but even still, we enjoyed the views here. We (again) had something to eat in Dome across from the beach and watched as the rain rolled in and as it cleared too. We walked along the beach then afterwards, mesmerised by the waves. They were the biggest waves I’ve seen to date.

  • Kings Park during the day

Kings Park during the day was a totally different experience to the night time one. The park is huge. There are soooo many trails to walk and explore. Different areas and lots of gardens. It was both interesting and again, relaxing and peaceful. Well apart from all the people who were glued to their phones finding Pokemon….. We sat here for a while and just enjoyed the peace and sunshine and of course, the views.

  • AQWA

We went back to Hilary’s Harbour to visit the aquarium. From what I remember it was about $30 admission each, and again, for the experience it was more than worth it. There are different types of tickets you can buy and different experiences available too. This was amazing. They have an underwater tunnel that has an escalator that you can go round it on. It was surreal being right next to the Sharks and massive rays. It was really cool. You could pet some fish outside in a pool as well. There is some work going on to expand it and I reckon when that is finished it will be even better. Definitely one of my favourite things we’ve done.

  • C Restaurant in the sky 

This was again, an unbelievable experience. This is a restaurant that rotates giving a 360• view of the city while you dine. It takes about an hour and a half to complete and your courses are spaced out so that you get the full experience. The food was insanely good and the views were, again, unbelievable!! I would 100% recommend this to everyone. It was expensive but so worth it!! Check out the site here

  • Market & Co Restaurant 

Crown Towers are really cool. We had some lovely lunch with great company and then walked around the grounds. We walked through the casino too. I have never been in a casino in my life and it was just like the movies. It was a really fun experience.

  • Ladle & Press

The best way for me to describe this is to take a piece from the Facebook page for you to read. I’m all about natural food and I loved my pumpkin soup from here. I also got a green juice, a brownie and an iced coffee with almond milk – all fresh, all homemade from real ingredients too and so delicious.

‘Ladle + Press offers you honest, healthy, delicious & nutritious food. It’s real, it’s fresh, and it’s affordable. Coupled with this philosophy on food, our focus is on supporting local suppliers – local business, local farmers, local grocers. This honesty in the food, the service, and the affordable price is something that is difficult to find in today’s market. Food needs to taste good. It needs to be made from fresh ingredients. It needs to be free of preservatives and artificial additives. It needs to be affordable. And it needs to be made with passion. That’s what you can expect at Ladle + Press. We’re proud of what we do, and we want you to see it. Everything is prepared fresh onsite. Our open kitchen means you can see the fresh flavours being produced throughout the day. The kitchen, the chef and the ingredients are all on view, and we welcome you to watch us work.’

Definitely recommend this place!!!!

  • Mullaloo Beach

My favourite experience to date. This beach was incredible – white sand and clear water, the sun shon for the whole day too. We grabbed food and sat on the beach to watch the sunset…. It was out of this world!!❤️

So that’s it for now! Until the next update! 

Hope you all enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

-J x


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