TRAVEL: It ain’t all rainbows and sunshine….

I have been meaning to write sooner but life in Perth has taken over… normal life has taken over!!

So I feel like for anyone who is friends with me on any sort of socia media will probably feel innundated with sunset pics, views of the rooftop, beaches etc.. BUT I just wanted to write a post that is completely real to the whole picture!! 🙂 

So while I am absolutely loving life down under, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows…literally!! For the last few months we have had very few weekends without rain!! Who would have thought? Rain in Australia? Wind in Australia!! Proper stormy weather… nobody warned me about this!! It was very easy to feel like, ‘I may as well be at home!!’ at times!! When you find yourself working Monday to Friday and the weather is nice and then the weekend comes and your confined to the apartment because of cold, stormy weather, it’s natural to feel like you might as well be tucked up at home in your own bed. Right? I know I have felt this way for sure!! Several days I felt like, ‘I could be at home in my cosy bed with my electric blanket on watching a movie with my little sister!’ BUT then the sun comes out, both metaphorically and literally!! 🙂

If I’ve learned anything so far it’s that I have come this far with the right person by my side!! AGAIN, this is not to say it’s been sunshine and rainbows all the way through (It most definitely has not!!) but, it has been real! It’s been good to have someone to bring me down to earth when I need it and good to have someone to take the absolute p*ss of me when I’m sad and then in the same way to turn around and be open arms with a hug when I also need it.(This is when we’re not killing each other… :P)

If I could give some advice to anyone thinking about making a massive trip it would be to be absolutely sure you are going with the right person/people. I can’t imagine anything worse than being so far away from everything and everyone I know with someone who isn’t on the same page as me. 

We are not living the backpacker lifestyle, we have an incredible apartment that we somehow managed to hit the jackpot with, we’ve got wifi, we’ve got bills, we’re not out drinking all the time… I have yet to even know what Goon is… We are living here, we are up at 5:30am and in bed by 9:30pm Monday to Friday and the weekends are our own!!:)

We’ve seen sooo much so far and have plans for the next few things on the hitlist. Slowly but surely I am ticking places off my list and it is an amazing feeling. I would much rather experience every bit of this country than do what I did when I was at home and 21…. 

Who knows what the next few months hold, I can guarantee they do not hold a fab apartment with the most amazing views I’ve ever seen and to be honest I am hoping the next few months hold next to the opposite of what we’ve got now because that’s what doing this year is all about… experiencing life in Australia.. seeing the world from a different angle… gaining as much life experience, in every way we can.

When I look on social media and see what everyone else does when they do this year abroad all I see is happy faces and lots of drinks and sunshine and tanned bodies, making it all look so picture perfect!! And while I am guilty of doing this myself I think we should all know that it’s not just like the pictures, it can be hard at times. It can be hard to miss out on events at home. Whether it’s someone who’s not well, a new baby, a sporting event or simply a hug from the people you miss… sometimes it only takes the smallest thing to knock you over the emotional edge of the psychotic cliff and again this is where it’s so important to be with the right people so that there’s someone there to catch you when you fall…

BUT you know what, this is my dream and I am living it… I have been to some insanely amazing places, retaurants, beaches..I’ve seen some of the incredible sights WA has to offer with so much more to come. While there are times I miss home and the people I’ve left behind, I wouldn’t change where I am for anything and ya know what, to be totally Irish, ‘Sure this time next year I’ll probably be home!!’

There have been days where we have wanted to pack it all in and just go home but what’s the alternative? personally it’s not the option I want to take…

It’s not always easy but you have to see the bigger picture and remember why you’re there and maybe on reflection you don’t want to be away and you want to be home and that is ok too, that’s why I mentioned before, if you’re thinking about doing it be 1,000,000% sure it IS what you want!!

There will always be good times and bad times, so far I’ve had more good than bad and I can’t ever imagine cutting my time short here… I am very excited for what is to come over the next 8 months.

Up next… Rottnest Island…

-J x


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