TRAVEL: Our day trip to Fremantle

Recently we took a day trip down to Fremantle… this was one of the places on my list that I wanted to visit in WA and thankfully it didn’t disappoint!!
We made a whole day out of it, we went for breakfast before catching the train from the undergrand station in Perth. The train took about 30-40 minutes at most to get there. On route there was plenty of beautiful views of the ocean and on a clear day (which it was) the country is just so beautiful. 

The furthest on this train line we’d been had been Cottesloe (another fab beach), home to soooo many shark sightings lately so needless to say you’ll not catch me in the water anytime soon…

When we arrived my first impression a good one!! The buildings and overall feel of the town made me feel like I was on an old movie set back in the 40’s in the deep south. It had such a cool vibe to it. Contrary to what I would call normal on a Sunday, everywhere was open and packed full of people. 

Our first stop was the Fremantle markets… these were inside and had absolutely everything you can imagine on offer… from handmade oils and soaps to tarot card readings to a counter FULL of cheese to clothing stalls… it was so cool. I absolutely enjoyed walking around and experiencing all that the markets had to offer. There were people singing and playing music – so authentic too… I would defo recommend a trip to the markets – there is honestly something for everyone..

We then made our way to Fremantle Prison. For some reason we never seem to follow the normal route when we’re going ANYWHERE, so of course being us, we made, what was a 5 minue walk, a 25 minute walk… I wasn’t complaining, I love to walk ESPECIALLY when I have the sun beaming down on me!! 🙂

We paid $20 each for the guided tour… there are other options you can avail of too, prices range from $20 up to $100. We were happy with a general tour, and it didn’t disappoint!! 🙂 

Fremantle Prison was built by prisoners and convicts which I think, makes it unique!! (Or maybe I just don’t know enough history). I’m not sure if it’s the philosopy from college in me but I overthink EVERYTHING and being in the prison and hearing of the history just made me feel like I was taking a step back in time… while the tour guide was guiding us through the prison I was imagining how it was back through the years she mentioned. It only closed in 1991 which reasonated more because I was alive at that time so it made it feel more real, it made the stories hit home more…like it wasn’t that long ago that there were prisoners and convicts held there and some hanged there…

Without bringing the tone down completely, I can’t help but mention how eerie I felt the prison was… prisoners and convicts had left their mark on the walls – they were allowed to paint on their cell walls before they were moved from this prison in 1991. I think that when you visit pieces of history and landmarks like this you can often feel disconnect from them but when you throw in relatable history you can nearly enviage how it was in those times. For me, this is exactly how I experienced the prison. Funnily enough there were only 2 successful escapes and both of these were Irish men. Anyone else who attempted to escape was always caught eventually and brought back.

There’s also an interacive part where you can look up names of those who were either working at the prison or a ‘resident’… needless to say there were a few of our ancestors when we looked them up!! 

I would for sure, recommend a trip to the Prison, it’s a piece of history and an absolute ‘must do’!!

After the prison we strolled towards the coast… surprisingly enough!! We landed at Bather’s beach and do you know what I felt….deflated…

I was not at all impressed by Bather’s beach…maybe I’ve been spoiled to date with beaches but this one just wasn’t one of my favourites, not one I would recommend seeing! 🙂 Believe it or not, it wasn’t a patch on Clogherhead!!😂

On our way home we stopped at North Fremantle and again, made ourway to the coast to Bib and Tucker for something to eat…this restaurant is literally sitting on the beach so it was a perfect place to be for the sunset!!! We had dinner and then went onto the beach to watch the sunset… it was the first one I have seen at a beach with a completely clear sky and WOW… watching the sun sink into the ocean was incredible…

I don’t think I could ever tire of watching WA sunsets, an absolute ‘MUST DO’!!! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the piece, feel free to throw questions at me!! 

-J x


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