HEALTH: 6 ways to stay motivated!!

Ok so although I’m on the other side of the world and Spring has just sprung, I know that at home it’s nearing winter for everyone. This normally means everyone’s summer holidays are done and school and college is back on and for those in retail – the horror of premature Halloween and Christmas stock is looming!! (Except in BT where they already have their Christmas floor decked out!!) The rush to grab the €6 boxes of sweets has possibly even begun… I remember those days all too well, they still haunt me!!  
That said, I know it can be hard to stay motivated and positive when September hits so I’ve put together a couple of ways I find help me to stay motivated and positive!! Hope ye like ‘em!

1. Make a to-do list! I am an avid lover of lists and being organised and I always feel when I write a REALISTIC to-do list it helps me stay on track! It’s sad but ticking off the tasks makes me happy!!(I should get out more….)

2. Set a goal! So for the month of September for me, I’m trying to use my phone less and up my water intake. I used to be great with drinking loads of water but since I’ve come here I’ve been slacking!! So whether it’s committing to a new hobby or losing a few lbs, getting fit, whatever it may be for you, set a small goal that you know you can achieve. Also HAVE to note that if you slip up – so what?? You can start again after your slip up! Don’t just give up because you’re human and things didn’t go exactly as you planned – only you can control your own actions!!!

3. Try out hot water with a slice of lemon each morning!! I can honestly say that this habit is something I could go without! I’ve been doing this for pretty much the whole year to date and I feel it energises me and gets me started on the right track for each day!!

4. Do a clear out in your home!! Whether it’s a revamp in your wardrobe or sorting out a closet that you’ve been avoiding or a room that needs a major overhaul – DO IT!! Once you see the finished product you’ll feel motivated and productive!

5. Do a clear out on social media!!! I do this from time to time! I think it’s important that we try to focus on positive things! I’ve found that I end up following people on social media where all they do is complain 90% of the time… Who needs that? Yes, we all have bad days and we rather people are real when we follow them on social media BUT who wants to come off social media feeling shit?? So find some positive people to follow – people that actually motivate and inspire you!!

6. Pat yourself on the back!! If you’re anything like me you’ll be worrying about what you’ve accomplished in the year! Feeling like, ‘Awh well, maybe 2017 will be my year!!’ STOP THAT NOW!!!! It’s September, you’ve got 4 months to make something happen for you!! Be proud of who you are and what you’re doing in life, and you know what? If you’re not happy then do something about it! Ask for help!!! Don’t just put yourself aside for everyone else’s happiness! Do something for you!! Put yourself first and be happy doing it!!

Hopefully that’s of use to someone out there!!

Thanks for reading!!!x


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