LIFESTYLE: 2016…..move over!!!

As 2016 draws to a close I think it’s fairly standard to start to look back on the year gone by. Usually I start analyzing the year as soon as December hits and have a mini panic attack at what I had wanted to do and didn’t get done. However, this year I’m feeling very different.

I am one for making plans and lists and setting goals for myself and I am pleasantly surprised to look back on the year gone by because I have managed to fulfill pretty much every single one of them… I still haven’t ran that marathon but I could do it easier this year than what I could have last year so that’s an improvement and one I’m happy with for sure. 2016 has been the most life changing year to date and I am so grateful to everyone who has been part of that and who has helped make it what it was!!

I think it’s important to stay focused and in tune with what’s going on in your life… I felt 2015 went by in a flash and not in a good way and for 2016 I did my Instagram #365reasonstobegrateful to ensure I didn’t miss a moment of the year and it’s safe to say I didn’t…I look back over all my posts from the last year and I smile at almost every single one and when I look at it I’m back in that moment of posting – whether it was a good moment or a bad one…I was mindful of every single one. I plan on doing this for 2017 just not publicly, I would encourage everyone to do it too, it has made me so much more aware and so much more grateful for things I probably would have taken for granted prior.

I’ve learned plenty of lessons about life and people. Some people have surprised me so much this year, some for good reasons and some for some not so good reasons but it’s all a lesson learned which is the important thing really, isn’t it?
2016 was a year of change and learning and that’s what I intended it to be, 2017 is going to be my year of possibilities and I am very excited to see what it brings!!
I will of course sit back and decide what I want to achieve personally, maybe I’ll finally figure out what I want to be when I grow up? (Chance would be a fine thing!!) 2017 has so many exciting things in store already – I can’t wait!!
I hope you all had a lovely 2016 and if not make 2017 your year of change or possibilities or whatever may apply to you, you’ve only got one life and nobody else is going to live it for you, nobody is going to hand you that new job or new car or give you that plane ticket and plan your adventures – you’ve got to do that for yourself!!! So just get out and GO FOR IT!! What have you got to lose? What’s the alternative to not doing it??
Here’s to 2017!!! Let it be another one to remember and be grateful for!! J


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