TRAVEL: The Wyndham Resort & Spa, Dunsborough 

I booked our trip here in September (I think) and I am so glad I did because places snap up like gold dust for Christmas – which to me, is crazy but it’s the ‘done thing’ I guess.
When I was searched online my google search was literally, ‘Hotels at the beach Margaret River Region’ and thankfully I choose a good one. The Wyndham Resort is a 5 star resort and spa that has a sandy path leading out onto the beach, Geographe Bay to be exact. The beach is so peaceful and calm and secluded too – it’s a mini paradise. There is a pool and spa at the hotel, tennis court, beautiful gardens, BBQ park, so many amenities.

We hired a car from Northside Rentals in Greenwood – this was a feat in itself. Again it was next to impossible to get a car, our trip hung in the balance for a while to be honest, it looked like we’d be doing a 12 hour cycle at one point…nothing was going to take this away from me, I was so close to getting to do Christmas on the beach and I wasn’t going to let a little detail like transport get in the way!
Anyway, we hired the car and it cost us $112 for 3 days with insurance included, think it cost us about $55 to fill the tank before we left it back too, it was brilliant value and the car was great too.

We arrived at the Wyndham late afternoon, we of course had to stop at McDonalds for a nutritious meal!! The journey took us about 2 and a half hours, it was worth it and it didn’t feel as long to be honest.
We checked in and went to our suite, it was lovely, had a balcony overlooking the beautiful gardens. We then, of course, made our way to the beach…where else would I go? It was stunning, absolutely stunning – I could NOT wait to lay out on Christmas Day. We headed into the town of Dunsborough to pick up some essentials, beer and crisps… The town itself was really quaint, it was like something from a movie, really authentic.

We got back to the hotel and chilled out for the evening, we had some treats and watched the Grinch and had an early night.
The hotel hosted a Christmas Breakfast on Christmas Day. We had bubbles, more cheese and crackers, loads of fruit, mince pies, coffee, cooked breakfast, eggs, mushrooms, has browns, the usual spread but with some festive additions and cheer.
We then had a rest for about half an hour before I was the 7 year old dying to get to the beach! So we got ready, smothered ourselves in factor 50 sunscreen, packed up some food and drinks and off we went, we had the beach to ourselves, it was breathtaking, it left me speechless! I would have camped on the beach and been happy.

We skyped home on the beach which was special, it’s one thing to take pictures but when you can see family (and friends that might as well be family) on the other end of the phone while you’re experiencing something as special, standing in the Indian Ocean whilst chatting to my mam, looking at her – it made it feel like she was there with me! Lying on the beach having a beer chatting with my Dad, all that was missing was him with the beer beside me.

Our Christmas experience of Dunsborough was out of this world, there aren’t enough words to explain how incredible this experience was.

Til the next time… J


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