HEALTH: Feeling like a ticking time bomb???

I think it’s safe to say we all feel like we’re going to lose the plot every now and then… some more than others and for the lucky ones, less than others. Either way, we’ve all been in a place where you just feel like giving up and forgetting about whatever it may be. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure (and hoping) that it’s normal? We’re only human after all. Again, I’m no expert but here’s 10 suggestions for picking yourself back up and heading in the right direction again.
1. Stop and think about what’s happening. Question it. Why? How? Can you make a change to improve the situation and prevent it happening again? 

2. Acknowledge how you’re feeling. Be mindful of every emotion you’re going through. This will make it easier to move on than brushing things under the carpet and letting them build up.

3. Make a conscious decision to do something for yourself. What will make YOU feel better? 

4. Lean on your friends and family – they are the best support system you’ve got and they only want the best for you! Let them be there for you. 

5. Take time out for you. Have a bath, go for a walk, read a book, do some yoga, go to the beach and just listen to the waves crashing… if you don’t slow down every once in a while you’ll end up crashing into an almighty wall!!!! 

6. Write things down on a piece of paper – when you feel some relief that you’ve gotten it all out, BURN IT! Let it all go up in flames so you can move forward. 

7. Write down 5 positive things about yourself! Proud moments? Achievements? Good personality traits? 

8. Again, fresh air…get lots of it!! 

9. Now, take a step back and be grateful for all those people who love and support you!! Be grateful for all you’ve achieved in life and let that gratitude pave your way forward. Realise that you’re actually quite cool and have dealt with crappy things before and this will be no different!!

10. And lastly, what would you say to your best friend if they were struggling? How would you speak to them? Would you make promises to help them? Give yourself that same support and kindness!!!! Keep your head up and battle on!! All your struggles make you stronger and teach you lessons! (As crap as they are at the time!!) Learn from every single one of them!! That way, you’ll have no regrets! (In time!) 

And just to end, know one thing, you’re absolutely not on your own! We have no idea what the person next to us is dealing with so always remember to be kind, it costs nothing and is worth the world in gold!! Hopefully that helps someone, let me know!😊

-J x


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